Financed Audiovisual projects

A complete catalogue with the information related to all the audio-visual product financed within the Regional Law 20/2014. You can go through photos, synopsis, trailer and so on from the first financed project in late 2015 till now. The data are updated in cooperation with the production companies responsible for the work.

 So enjoy and have a nice Vision of Emilia-Romagna

Narratore dell'avvenire. Un film su Giovanni Pascoli, poeta

Directed by Mauro Bartoli

Vecchie canaglie

Directed by Chiara Sani

Cingoli rossi

Directed by Danilo Caracciolo

Teresa, Luisa e la #NotteRosa

Directed by Gianluca Zonta

Ma chi ti conosce

Directed by Francesco Fanuele
Feature film

Quale allegria

Directed by Francesco Frisari

Il pazzo di Dio

Directed by Kristian Gianfreda

Miya e Jin

Directed by Gian Marco Pezzoli


Directed by Anna de Manincor | ZimmerFrei

Gli asteroidi

Directed by Germano Maccioni
Feature film