Who we are

The Emilia-Romagna Film Commission is a public structure, founded in 1997 by the Region as the ideal counterpart of productions, institutions, enterprises and professionals operating in the region.

The mission is to encourage, promote and support both Italian and foreign cinema and audio-visual productions, with the objective to enhance the cultural, environmental and historical heritage of the Emilia-Romagna Region, and its available capital of human resources .

The Regional Law 20 of 2014 assigns a special role to the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, which has the task to attract national and foreign productions. E-R Film Commission offers, free of charge, the following services to operators of television, motion pictures, advertisement and multi media industry:

interfacing with local authorities;
assistance in requesting permits and authorizations;
technical, logistics and administrative preliminary information;
assistance with logistics and organization, including welcoming and hospitality for production sets through a network
of operators active in the areas;
assistance in researching and identifying the most suited locations;
connecting productions with local professionals;
organize and assist in creating initiatives to promote authors and cinema and audiovisual productions original of Emilia-Romagna region.

The Emilia-Romagna Region, with art. 10 of the  Regional Law no. 20/2014, created the Audio-visual Fund. A financial tool for the support and promotion of film and audio-visual productions, created with the objective to strategically enhance the entrepreneurial, professional, cultural and environmental resources of the region.

Through the audio-visual Fund, managed by the E – R Commission, the Region’s intent is to structure and enhance the audio-visual supply, and consequent economic benefits for the area.
The amount of financing is established year by year and it is intended to support:

– the development phase of innovative films and audio-visual works, proposed by regional firms, with potential to be distributed nationally and internationally;
– the production phase of projects proposed by regional, national and international firms, capable of enhancing professional and cultural resources existing in the region.

The Fund is awarded via calls for tender.



Emilia-Romagna Film Commission
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